Junior Guitar Workshop

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My name is James, welcome to my Junior Guitar Workshop!

 I teach guitar at home and in schools and I specialize in beginners - young children or any people that lack confidence and need a lot of support and encouragement. My passion is helping kids and adults playing the songs they love with minimal practice. I can usually get children as young as 7 playing their first song in about four thirty minute lessons! 

As they progress, there is the option to learn to sight read music as they play using a series of books that I recommend. All lessons are geared to their taste and goals and the emphasis is on having fun while you learn. A simple practice sheet is given out - practice can be as short as 5 minutes a day! Slowed down song mp3's are sent to the parents' email address for practice at home (sing along!). Pupils can learn in pairs if they want to bring a friend.

Electric or acoustic guitars of all sizes can be provided, also advice on what to buy. The studio in Hove has a private entrance. I am a trained, experienced teacher of 12 years teaching guitar (with DBS certificate), I write music and perform in bands. I am a father of two kids, patient, friendly with a good sense of humour, I have had lots of great feedback from parents and learners alike. Give it a go!


Taster lesson: FREE 30 mins with no obligation to continue if you are unsure.

In Hove Studio                               Home Visit

30 mins - £12 (4 for £45)               £15 (4 for £55)

60 mins - £20  (4 for £75)              £25 (4 for £90)

Block bookings discount in brackets.

Also SKYPE guitar classes (very popular!) If you are far away - I have taught people in Brazil!

 ONLY £15 per hour! (£10 for 30 mins).

Teaching in schools

Groups of up to four in size or individually if preferred for as many groups as time allows. All that is needed is half an hour out of class or after school and a space to play. I will collect the children myself, provide the guitars or books if sight reading is being taught. Accompanying music can be played on a small speaker, which I will also provide.